Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Are you a golf player? If the answer is yes perhaps you have been playing for a long while without knowing how golf is helping to boost your health care. And why if you just want a reason for playing golf?

Experts say golf players who carry their bags while walking through the course are burning around 720 calories only by doing that. This data is based on matches of 9-hole courses. Also you can burn calories if you just travel through the course by walking or if you feel lazy enough to move in golf carts you are just burning 400 calories by playing the game. In case you want to translate this to kilos burnt during a golf match, we can relate given the fact a kilo is 7000 calories, therefore you are burning 0,1 kilos per match if you go carrying your own bags.

A golf match twice a week keeps the cardiologist away

Walking through a golf course is estimated to be an equivalent of 4 kilometers of trekking, and the reason behind this estimative approach relies in the fact you are compensating heights all the time, since all golf courses terrain tend to have several geographical accidents in order to ensure a passionate gaming experience.

Most doctors recommend, in conjunction with a healthy diet, to have at least 2-4 sessions of power walking in order to keep your body out of sedentarism and preventing cardiac illnesses; and is there any better way to walk a ling while without realizing it than playing golf?

Also some studies affirm that playing golf, since it is related to the group of sports labeled as “cardio”, helps to stimulate blood circulation, not only improving nerve cell connections but also reducing the possibility of a CVA.

By practicing golf (or any other exercise) 30 minutes each day, you can lower your blood pressure at a range from 5-7 points; and if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, it also lowers cholesterol values. Only 30 minutes a day, this means you can even practice your swings at your backyard and get a healthy reward.

Say goodbye to anxiolytics with a good round of golf!

We all known golf popularity on being a relaxing game, even such relaxing that people who are not passionate enough may even fall asleep while tuning a golf match on tv! Psychiatrists recommend to have a healthy exercise routine if you are enduring stressful times or mild depression symptoms, since exercising liberates endorphins to our bloodstream, also known as the “hormone of happiness”. Then you don’t need to fill your organism with prescription drugs in order to feel healthy: just drag your clubs bag, call a friend, and head to the local course. It is not only a natural way to overcome psychological problems but also an inexpensive way of doing so.

If you happen to experiment insomnia, imagine how tired you are going to arrive home after 3-4 hrs walking, swinging, carrying bags… I bet you are already yawning at the thought of all that physical exercise, but what if I tell you this can be an enjoyable experience? Are you ready to drop your sleeping pills for a good round of enjoyable exercise?

Everything blurry? Not anymore

Many golf players came to the conclusion that it takes quite the vision to zoom in to find that slippery little white ball. Although devices like GPS Rangefinders do help us in performing this kind of tasks easily, still you need to watch what you are aiming for. Golf steps here in helping you to evaluate the keenness of your eyesight; forget about failing your next driving license checkup for not being able to complete the ophthalmologist properly, you can prevent this to happen if you exercise your eyesight enough to realize when you need a visit to a specialist.

Bring your sexy back while golfing

As any other cardio exercise, while you are playing golf you are burning calories through your entire body. We already talked about how much calories you can lose per match under different circumstances, but what if I tell you that by playing golf you are helping your body to recover muscular tone?

Each time you practice a swing, when you push harder to send your drive far away than the last time you practiced, you are exercising your muscles. Not only your arms, but also your legs, your abs, your back, etc. This depends on the posture you are playing, and the effort made to balance your body while acing a drive.

This very routine you do without even noticing when you play, helps your muscles to tone, as well as improving conditions such as sciatic nerve pains, with low impact exercise. Imagine that the kind of effort you are making your body to endure is equivalent to a session of hydrogimnastics (quite popular under physiotherapy treatments).

Your body will adapt to new levels of exercise demand without spending hours at the gym, therefore, you are building up muscle resistance. Female golfers also stated golf helps to strengthen the capacity of your bladder, since golf is also about building strength on your leg muscles as well as having enough patience to locate the closest WC near your area.

Another “plus” golf will give us is lowering the risk for injuries that we may find in other popular physical routines (being the trendy Crossfit one of the riskiest exercises to practice nowadays). That’s the reason why playing golf applies to age generations from children to elderly people. You only need a little warm up prior a demanding match, a bit of stretching before another round or after finishing your session, and this can be achieved even by walking all the way back to the course entrance while holding a nice chat on how the match went.

Stop making excuses and enroll to some golf lessons or increment your practice time. Not only your mood will be better for enjoying relaxation sessions more often (quite helpful if you have an stressful job), but also your entire body will start noticing little by little the benefits of becoming an avid golf player. Perhaps next time you visit your physician for a checkup you may even become surprised on how good did the results ended up being.

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