Shank shot: Nightmare of golfer

I bet that all golf players used to make this mistake, hitting a shank shot. It is like this, you put all the strength in your shot and it goes away and away in the air until it lands right in front of… you. No one can share with you the disappointment at the moment. You will hate yourself for hitting such a stupid shot and will make a promise to yourself that you will never make such stupid shot anymore.

But the fact is that you will make more shots like that. These shots are shank shots and they are the nightmare of many golf players. They don’t know how to get rid of these shots. I used to have headache on these as well and I will share with you some tips to overcome these.

Understand it

In order to deal with it effectively, you have to understand which is a shank shot. You normally make a shank shot when you hit the ball not with the other parts of your club rather than the head. Or you just glance on the ball rather than strongly hit it. Even professionals sometimes make these mistakes and you can definitely fix these. The ball in shank shots normally goes in all directions but not the one you want it to go. If you are right handed or left handed, then the ball is likely to go that way. In some cases, it just goes up to the sky above your head. What a shame.

How to avoid making shank shots

The first thing is to examine if you are going to make a wrong shot that way by review your poses. You need to check if you are standing in a proper poses. Your wrist, your hands and even your weight are all important in deciding if you are in the right poses. You should not stay too close to the ball and leaning too much on it. Of course, there are more to do with a wrong shot but these are the main reasons.

Fix it and move a head

After knowing well about shank shots and why you make them, the next step is to fix it and move forward with the game. To do this, you may want to ask for help and support from your trainer, buddies or fellow players. They will observe you and they way you swing your clubs and tell you if you are in the wrong place and pose. If the mistakes are basic then you can easily fix them.

The ideal place to stand is parallel to the ball’s flight direction. Imagine, there is a straight line between you and the ball and you have to make sure that you and the ball’s flight direction is always parallel to each other. The imagined line plays as a signal for you to fix your standing place. You should not worry too much about you shank shots because people make it here and there and the most important thing is to know how to fix it and correct it in your next games.

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